The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) was established in 2010 as an independent Research and Technology Organisation (RTO) to help bridge the gap and create more meaningful and beneficial links between academia and industry to aid the growth of UK manufacturing.

Today, the MTC has over 700 employees, 100 industrial members, turns over around £100m and operates from sites in Warwickshire, Liverpool, Oxfordshire, South East London and Bristol.

Supported by the Government along with our partners at High Value Manufacturing Catapult, Innovate UK and our founding universities, we have been able to work alongside our members and industrial partners to deliver world leading innovation to the broadest range of UK based businesses from OEM’s and large-scale global manufacturers through to SMEs and new start-ups.

As our footprint has grown across the UK, we have been able to directly influence and support advanced engineering businesses and manufacturers as we work collaboratively to drive the innovation and competitiveness of UK manufacturing.

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